Randy Blythe [LAMB OF GOD] também a bordo

Pode dizer-se que os SAUDADE, formados por Chuck Doom (CROSSES, TEAM SLEEP), Chino Moreno (DEFTONES, TEAM SLEEP), Gil Sharone (ex-MARILYN MANSON e THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN), Dr Know (BAD BRAINS), Mackie Jayson (ex-CRO-MAGS, MADBALL)John Medeski (MEDESKI, MARTIN & WOOD) e Robert Thomas Jr. (WEATHER REPORT) têm UMA FORMAÇÃO DE RESPEITO.

No entanto, o melhor deste projecto é o potencial que tem para explorar sonoridades diferentes. Sem terem ainda lançado um registo “oficial”, o grupo já nos presenteou com uma amostra do seu talento colectivo e, na sequência da colaboração com CHELSEA WOLFE, os músicos receberam recentemente no estúdio o vocalista dos LAMB OF GOD, Randall D. Blythe.

Segundo um post na conta do músico norte-americano no Instagram, embutido em baixo, Blythe esteve recentemente no estúdio com o colectivo para a gravação de uma nova música que, esperemos, vamos ter oportunidade de ouvir em breve. Enquanto isso não acontece, o melhor que têm a fazer é conferirem a colaboração dos SAUDADE com a musa CHELSEA WOLFE [aqui].

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Just spent an amazing three days in Woodstock, NY working & chilling at @appleheadrecord studio– very honored to have been asked to contribute to @saudademusiccollective, an insanely talented musical coalition comprised of a bunch of very serious, extremely high-level players. Saudade is the brainchild of my buddy, the mad scientist Chuck Doom (aka @tholyghost)- the collective recently put out a beautiful track called “Shadows & Light” featuring my pals @cchelseawwolfe & @chinowmoreno on vocals, so peep that. The track I just laid vocals for features guitar by the man beside me in this photo, the legendary @DrKnowBadBrains (of Bad Brains), bass & other sounds from Chuck Doom AKA @tholyghost (Crosses/Team Sleep), mellotron/keys from @JohnMedeski (Medeski, Martin, & Wood), drums by Mackie Jayson (Cro-Mags), & just plain guitar insanity from @davidmtorn (he’s worked with way too many people to list- let’s just say he’s on several David Bowie albums.) It’s NUTS- I mean, there’s even steel pan drums on the song that belonged to Jaco Pastorius (Doom is a jazz guy & was good friends with Jaco.) Can’t wait to hear a final mix of this and for it to be put out, because the rough I have sounds massive. I mean, just to be on a track with Doc & Mackie is freaking INSANE to me- my inner teenager is losing his mind right now. Plus, I got to do some different stuff than what I normally do with my band, which is always the best feeling- if you’re a really an artist, you do your best to not get yourself painted into a creative corner. That leads to creative stagnation, & stagnation= death. Screw that. Also did some writing for another tune I’ll track later- Applehead Studio is just an amazing place to be be creative (they have freaking goats & a potbellied pig running around- always a bonus.) What a great three days- I just feel grateful & very lucky to be working with musicians of this caliber (shout-out to @cshields12 for getting the ball rolling.) Stay tuned…

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