Membros dos GUNS N’ ROSES, BAD BRAINS e TWISTED SISTER, entre outros, reagem à morte de RIC OCASEK

Membros dos GUNS N ‘ROSES, KISS, TWISTED SISTER, WEEZER, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, SACRED REICH, TESTAMENT e DANKO JONES estão entre os músicos do espectro LOUD!ável que já reagiram nas redes socais à morte de Ric Ocasek, guitarrista e líder dos THE CARS, que foi encontrado morto no seu apartamento em Manhattan, ontem, dia 15 de Setembro, aos 75 anos. De acordo com a Rolling Stone: “Ontem à tarde, a NYPD respondeu a uma chamada do 911 na casa de Ocasek, localizada na 19th Street. A polícia encontrou Ocasek inconsciente e sem resposta. Mais tarde, o músico foi declarado morto no local, embora nenhuma causa de morte tenha ainda sido revelada“.

Os BAD BRAINS impressionaram-me, mas quando virei o álbum «Rock For Light», vi a contra-capa e descobri que o Ric Ocasek, dos The Cars, o produziu, o meu mundo pegou fogo. Depois disso, nunca mais me importei com “guilty pleasures” ou com o que as outras pessoas achavam que é “cool”. RIP. Ric Ocasek” — DANKO JONES

Ocasek, que nasceu Richard Theodore Otcasek, e os THE CARS tiveram 13 singles no Top 40 da Billboard, incluindo «Just What I Need», «Best Friend’s Girl», «Let’s Go», «Shake It Up», «You Might Think» e ainda a balada «Drive». A banda separou-se em 1988 e reuniu-se em 2011 para o primeiro álbum em 24 anos, intitulado «Move Like This», tendo sido induzida no Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame em 2018. O multi-facetado músico norte-americano, oriundo de Cleveland, produziu vários discos, entre os quais se contam títulos dos BAD RELIGION e, mais importante, o «Rock For Light», dos icónicos BAD BRAINS.

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RIP #RicOcasek

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Sail On uncle Ricky ,love you man❤️

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Back to back “one-two punch” for rock music in one weekend, damn. Eddie Money & just now, Ric Ocasek of The Cars . Full disclosure: In high school, my friends & I always gravitated more towards music that offended & defied convention: The screaming guitars of Van Halen & Ozzy, the screaming (literally) of Halford & Dio, the shock of Kiss & Alice, the complexity of Yes & Rush, the sexual boundary-pushing of Prince (& for that matter, Plant) the weirdness & cultural critiques of Zappa etc etc…But what’s interesting about both these guys’ work is that despite its relative “safeness” (it fit none of the above descriptions, was generally accepted by mainstream gatekeepers, was never threatened with censorship, didn’t cause concern by parent/teacher groups or DC Congressional Committees), it somehow occupied that safer space while being liked by those of us into the more unconventional (even dangerous, if you will) side of music. No, my friends & I didn’t wear Eddie Money or The Cars T-Shirts; we didn’t hang up their posters; we didn’t run out to buy their albums or attend their concerts..But you know what else we didn’t do? We didn’t turn the dial when they came on the radio (and these guys were ALL over the radio)! It may have been “safe” sure, but the songs were undeniably good, the hooks incredibly strong – so strong, in fact, that I can’t even look at titles like “Just What I Needed” & “Let The Good Times Roll” or “Shaken” & “Two Tickets to Paradise” without the songs getting stuck in my head! And I can only imagine their pressure to do some stupid gimmick or rely too much on image in their area of radio friendly rock, but they did not. Even after MTV, they kept it real, just a couple dudes who happened to make super-catchy, fun to listen to music. I met Eddie once – a former guitar tech of mine worked with him for many years – he struck me as down to Earth funny and a great guy. I have heard the same about Ric, though we never met. These two may be more associated with early mid 80s , an era long past, but they were great guys and true artists who will be missed & remembered for many years to come. RIP #eddiemoney & #ricocasek #Thecars

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